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I purchased a pair of JBL SRX835p for our church service on Sundays. Unfortunately, they went bad within the first 24 hrs.

I was originally told that they would exchange these out for another pair as soon as they picked up. However, about 5 days go by and I don't see my new pair so I called customer service. I was told the speakers were cancelled because they want to inspect the new pair of speakers before shipping out and there are only two people who know what is going on. I was a little disappointed because no one ever called or emailed to explain what was going on.

Unfortunately, I was told the people handling this was gone for day and I would need to check back on Monday. I called back Monday and a girl answers and begins talking to me with a very rude voice. I was very upset as she stated that my account has been flagged for too many exchanges and returns. I have purchased $900 dollar pair of Shure SE846 which I kept and paid off and a pair of $135 which I kept too.

I only exchanged a Pioneer DDJ SZ with additional flight case for a Pioneer DJM-900srt. I was planning on keeping the Pioneer 900srt but noticed their was a scratch on the corner. I am very meticulous with my stuff and I know if ever I wanted to sell this controller on eBay when a newer version comes out; the scratch would devalue my 900srt. So I called in and they offered an exchange.

I sent in the controller and had some time to think about it and thought it was an omen. I realized our church needed to upgrade their sound system and the perfect opportunity presented itself. The controllers was domestically defective anyways so I decided to cancel the exchange and ask for a refund instead. Some time elapsed between that time because I needed to sell my current PA setup which I purchased from ZZsound.

I had over 6k of QSC K12 and 4 KW181s which was just too much to cary around. At this point I haven't decided where I was going to purchase our new PA's. But I thought I would purchase a pair of JBL EONs from American Musical Supply for my wife so she can sing karaoke. Unfortunately, we had no places to demo so we made a blind purchase.

We both decided these JBL were not up to our standard regarding sound. So we decided to exchange. So I came up with a brilliant idea. I thought the Bose L1 system can be used for double duty.

For home karaoke and for our church. Worked great for home karaoke but not so good for our church. We need more sound for our church to fill up the large room. On to our next journey.

That was when we discovered the JBL SRX835p. No one in town had these speakers for us to demo. But after reading one and only one review we can find online; we thought we give it a shot. Also, the online forum on Serato has been a good area for information which I am a part of.

We received the JBL SRX835p and set it up temporarily in our apartment home. We played some MP3 and low volumes for about half an hour and so we immediately fell in love with the sound. We decided these were definitely a keeper! Later that evening, during a song selection for karaoke, about 30 minutes, one of the speakers started making a loud popping noise and suddenly no sound.

We were in shock. I rushed and shut off the speaker and waited for about a minute and turned it back on and again no sound. One of the speakers when bad. We were expecting a small church gathering at my home the next day.

Later that evening we decided to do some karaoke with the one good speaker we had left. My pastor even approved of the sound. I even ordered the totes from a different retailer since AMS didn't have them to sell. Ordered some nice heavy duty stands and carrying cases.

Over $400 additional investments for my new SRXs. However, later that even, about 4 hours in during karaoke, one of the other speakers started making the same loud popping noise. We were all in shock. How could that be.

My pastor was a little disappointed because he new these were speakers I purchased out of the goodness of my heart as a volunteer sound guy for my church.

Today is June 29th, 2015. The ordered apparently was cancelled by AMS on the 22nd. No one ever reached out to me to explain the reason.

I had to call several times to find out what was going on. I called on the 29th and was told by a supervisor that the techs wanted to test the new pair before sending out but never gave me an exact date when. I asked if he could have the people who is handling this to give me a call. No call.

So today on the 30th, I decided to call again. I get transferred three times, eventually to a tech. The tech started being rude and telling that my order was cancelled and that they wanted to test my pair I sent in with a very rude loud tone. I became defensive because I felt I was being attacked and talked down too.

I felt like AMS was treating me like a criminal at this point. Like I committed some sort of act of treason. The tech repeats "your order is cancelled and what don't you get?" I was confused. I was told yesterday that the techs are going to text my new pair before they send out, not the other way around.

I asked to speaker to his supervisor. The supervisor was much more understanding and explained to me in a calm voice that the order has been cancelled and they will not be shipping me a new pair. It took me over 8 days of me calling them about 5 times before I get a straight answer. So sad.

I could have purchased these speakers elsewhere meanwhile so I could have them in time for our next church meeting on Sunday. I can't believe the way I have been treated. Can't believe the way AMS made me feel like I was a dishonest person. I will never be shopping with AMS.

Horrible customer service and no communication with there customers. I recommend shop with ZZsound or Sweetwater or Musicfriend.

Far better customer service!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2900.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

American Musical Supply Cons: Customer service, Refund policy, Exchange policy, Tech support, Communication.

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lol you and I both know that's not what happened dude. You just kept returning items for minor issues over and over, this isn't a music shop where you try it out first, the only issue is the item has to work not because you don't like it.

So you burnt out the speakers just to make it look like it was their fault. hmm okay. at this point you should hear that im just joking and I know ams is a dirty company, I don't really know if you were pulling something or not but either way if what you bought doesn't work they should have exchanged it even if it took 800 times. and if that was not palatable they should just have refined you so you can buy elsewhere but not take a week to tell you.

but your post order was confusing so im not sure if what I think your saying happened exactly teh way it happened cause you talk about so many different things here. Ams did screw me over 2 times though so Im inclined to believe you by default. one time they sent me 2 guitars instead of one and charged me for both. why would I want two of the same exact modle and color.

the other time they sent me a defective bass and said it w as just a blemish and were of no help. I just dont shop with them any longer and they wont get another 4 grand in purchases from me which is how much money I spent on their stuff previously before the issues started.

they are not a good company. bottom line by riping off customers instead of bottom line by creating good repeat business.