Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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I ordered $3000 worth of equipment on a Monday next day shipping consisting of about a dozen items needed for a show on weekend. They promised they could handle the order.

Wed, one item arrived and it was not complete. Called, treated rudely but they overnighted the rest supposedly to have on Thursday. No order Thursday! 5 Calls later they promised it would be here Friday.

Called Friday and the items were sitting in UPS on a dock. They refused to call ups and said I would have to wait until Monday. Now this is an entire week later and no product, just lies. I have an expensive Martin guitar sitting for a weekend in below zero temps on a loading dock.

When or if I should say it shows up, the whole order will be sent back. DONT BUY form them!

I should have stayed with Musicians Friend - They are the Best!

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Without getting into detail I can say that with my dealings with AMS NOTHING happens unless you call and make it happen. CSR's will say anything you want to hear.