Gainesville, Florida
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I am very upset with American Musical Supply. I called them before I purchased this item and was never told I couldn't return the item and that it worked great.

The merchandise does not do what they claim it is capable of doing.You are not told until the item is in your cart at the bottom of the web page in small print no return..Poor customer service and representation of there products.

They are very difficult to return items but yet say they have an easy return policy Beware!! To make matters worse we purchased it for our church.

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You must have bought a used piece of gear that while small, still said no returns. I purchased a pair of hs80m speakers from them, sold as singles like most monitor speakers are.

I did not like them and returned a week later completely hassle free, was refunded my money within a day of them getting the product back. I purchased another pair of monitor speakers(event 2020s) about a week after the return was done. All was hassle free, three shipments total and I paid absolutely nothing for shipping.

I think AMS is fantastic. 3 easy payments, free shipping, no credit checks, 45 day hassle free returns.


What product was it?


Why does having purchased it for your church have to do with it?

Just curious.