Chicago, Illinois

It's been a week since I ordered a $2100 item. I still have no order confirmation/email saying its been placed.

This was an item listed as in-stock, and when it was not available anywhere else, I ordered from them. No reply. I called and waited on hold for a total of an hour over two calls last week, a few days after I placed the order. When i did finally get through to someone, she told me the order was waiting to be picked up by FedEx, and that there was no order #.

I ordered with a bank card I have NEVER had an issue with. The card has not been charged. I'm pretty sure there is no Kemper amp waiting on the dock at AMS and that there never was one in stock.

Now I have to try a stop payment with my bank...Waste of time, planning, and minutes on my phone. Never again for me, AMS.

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This company is a complete joke. Do not buy from them.

I too have had this happen. Very unprofessional.

They are the worst. If you need gear and are expecting it to arrive then order from a reliable company.


I got through to a csr today who told me the order was shipped sat., and was attempted delivery today...should still be able to catch it after it comes back off the delivery truck tonight. The car gave me my tracking # and confirmation emails, and said there was no email on file, which is bull, cause you have to enter it in to order, and they had my phone, but anyway, the problem seems to be resolved.