So I spend a lot of money with this company. I had a 12 payment plan that I had started in 3/13 we are now in Sept of 13.

The original bill was for around $2,500. as of Sept.2013 I owed $999. I called up spoke with a rep. in the finance dept.

asked if I paid $800 today would I be able to place a new order, I was told yes and was transferred to place the order. Then I get a call from the credit dept. and was told this info so I ask to speak to a supervisor I was transferred to Sabrina the which she said she was the head of the finance dept. She said it was her final decision and til I made the last payment I couldn't place my order.

Which is fine if I had been late if I had missed a payment. But non this things happen. I've been dealing with this company since 2007 it's like a slap in face knowing how many people I have recommended and again the thousands and thousands of dollars I spent with them.

No loyalty. Got to look for someone else to spend my money with.

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Let me know when you find another to deal with


Yep that's AMS for ya they suck so bad. I have bought from them in the past and recently it seems their customer care and shipping department have gone to ***