Sacramento, California

From around 2007-2010, I ordered and promptly purchased 2 guitars, 1 amp, and various effect pedals with zero problems.

My last two ATTEMPTS with purchasing guitars in 2012 have been insulting and ridiculous. Each order was met with silence. No receipts. No phone calls. No emails. After two days of silence, I contacted them after a 20 minutes on hold. Each time they said my (perfect, by the way) credit card had to be checked by getting my SS number and doing a new credit check. That's what a credit card is American Musical Idiots! Twice they delayed two days shipping my order to recheck a perfectly good credit card. This second time (yesterday) I told them to forget it and to cancel the order. I've never had to continuously recheck my credit cards using my SS number and a new inquiry on my credit report.

For whatever reasons starting this year, a valid credit card doesn't seem to be enough despite spending about $5000 with these rude ***.

It's time to find a new online music store.

Good riddance, American Musical! You guys suck!

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