Kingwood, Texas
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I ordered a guitar for my son for xmas this year. They refused to ship it, sell it to me or let me pay it out because they have a dispute over something with a relative of mine at the address i wanted it sent to.

Refused to ship to any other address too. Called me a liar, said I could be buying it for someone they did not want to have it. Told me to tell my relative to settle their dispute.

Called me a liar when i told them i did not know what they were talking about. I just wanted to order my son a xmas gift!!!!

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Don't blame AMS for your family's sad situation. :cry


Why should someone else's sad situation be taken out on someone else?? That's discrimination.

I don't know your last name, but how would you feel if you went to finance a car, and the finance company said they can't approve you because someone with your same last name close by had their car financed with them repo'd???

Would you call it a sad situation too? Or would you find it BS?