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Update by user Oct 04

Dear Pissed Consumer: you recently sent me an e-mail asking me about American Musical has the matter been resolved? this update is response to your inquiry.

thank you for your concerns ============================================== I contacted recently last week of September AMS By Phone Calling Accounts describing the below event in detail with Amanda. I Guess after 20 minutes she had heard enough and hung up on me. When I called Back the Phone Kept on ringing and ringing, i let it go 20 times and did not pick up. was odd i called back same thing now the phones only rings when i call ams, it never gets answered when i call american musical so they block me from talking about it further.

That's How They Treat the Customer, will tell you to do what you got to do and hang up and block your number with more aggravating nonsense that results in nothing. Read from All the Customer Below or Visit Reseller Ratings Website has 1 star with many customer complaints / its obvious when you read the posts the same thing over and over it can or will happen to you, in other words expect to happen to you what you read here on pissed consumers regarding American Musical Supply. Zero "0" Resolved Complaints Indicated ==================================================== So I Thought About it... how to get thru customer service again give it another go i need to discuss it not get hung up on.

I UN Blocked My Phone Caller ID and the Phone Rang 2 times quickly picked up by Ana. in deep voice claims to be a male, which is odd considering female name, then ask to help me. he asked for my order # and in 10 seconds BOOM / Poof click it was over. gone no help.

Ana aka fake dude left in 15 seconds my last contact with ams. my account is now flagged or marked they wont take my phone calls further. ============================================== i am going back to the bank to discuss it again and to pay it in full so they can do a charge back and get this refunded using that process. They took my information sent forms in the mail.

takes about 5 minutes to file the claim and should be good he says the money will be there next day. need to file a dispute which they wont respond to or loose if they do for a decision. he says i will win based on my story if its true. that the speaker is at the service center broken and they wont refund my money or stop payments.

" NO THANKS DOMINIQUE DONT NEED YOUR HELP JUSTIN @ US BANK CC CARD TAKING CARE OF IT " ================================================== its a fraud and scam to offer a 3 year warranty to sell the item but then when it comes to repair the mfg gives you the bird and a repair bill, and ams does nothing to help resolve it and just continues to take the monthly payments on an item idon't own or use. ebay and amazon sellers rarely if ever treat customers this poorly due to feedback ratings that are published.

================================================ DJ BOOM BOX GETS HIS GEAR & NEW LASER LIGHTS SPEAKERS & STANDS AND NEW INSTRUMENTS @ ZZ SOUNDS.COM i have left ams and go shopping elsewhere for expensive gear and will never buy again from ams after my experience with what i discovered thru tech e-mails and customer support phone calls to be un-ethical conduct and behavior. Jersey Shore Scam Boys is a popular nickname i see on the internet they are located in Oakland NJ so it might be them =================================================== this is my update as of 10/3/18 DJ Boom Box -eric

Original review posted by user Aug 31

What Happen? I purchased 2 Mackie Thump Boosted BST 15" Main Speakers for DJ Equipment. in April 27th 2018

after 55 days i notice the upper tweeter nothing, no sounds?? odd.. i only turn it on and off with switch in back, So I Contact AMS Tech to Report using e-mail system what happen. They Responded it was covered to go to the Manufacture.

So...>>>OK sent back for repairs... to LOUD Audio Authorized Service Ctr. came back " soot on the coil " my fault>>> how ??? i ask ! turned up the volume is what i am told i did... i say NO I DID NOT !! over and over again. this model is " new & unique " has wireless feature that controls the volume and inputs to do the same thing i got blamed for... ( see photos describe this " new feature "

When I tell them about this a Smart Phone app or bluetooth wireless feature gone bad. Customer Service Responds with "it dont matter what i say happens Warranty is Denied because soot on the coil...

CURRENTLY ITS STUCK AT THE MACKIE REPAIR SHOP WITH A FEE COST $154.00 or if i dont do it send back broken its 50% repair bill + shipping = $110 for my Broken American Musical 2 Year Warranty. ( no joke, not making this up folks ) / check other reviews from customers /

"I WAS SOLD AN EXTENDED WARRANTY " so i go back to AMS / they drop me back to tech as usual where they fight and argue back. they dont reply back to e-mails if they do its off topic and not satisfactory i think to make you mad and angry so then they say " i cant help you any longer " as if they did anything in the first place. only 1 person will be assigned to help you so they can do this and not have others know about how you are treated as a customer... HOW MANY ISSUES RESOLVED " 0 " ZERO FOLKS the facts are here on this website.

Check Reseller Ratings Website for more Customer Actual Complaints you learn how they operate by reading from others....

Bottoms Line: AMS American Musical oakland nj 8/31/18 will update further stay tune to what happens...

i was told to keep making payments on a 12 month plan otherwise they will report me to the credit bureaus and make it go bad and my score will drop so i keep paying .

1. Denied Legit Warranty with full explanations and a story make sense

2. Refused sending mailing return labels to attach original box 55 days after purchase. they have a 45 day policy. i was out only 2 weeks

so i send back to mfg, repair center for mackie is Loud Audio WA... they dont do any customer service or respond to any repair with customer or service center to also deny the claim

3. Refused Stop Payments or Refund, no longer own item

WAS FORCED TO RE PURCHASE SPEAKERS ELECTRO VOICE FOR DJ BOOMBOX MUSICAL EVENTS AND SHOWS. they did not care after 36 days in the shop, told them to forget it was not interested in the shop deal or the lies was being told.

Was Told " by Loud Audio Customer Service

" do what you got to do " SO I DID


NO MORE TWEETER PROBLEM / no thanks / dont help me ams / stop blaming me & refund my money!!!

(takes the banks to get results... 5 minute call all it was )

now there are forms to send and fill out and return for 30 days they check it out and then issue a response of the findings... will let you guys know what happens stay tuned>>>>>

AMERICAN MUSICAL & LOUD AUDIO/mackie speakers work together so the warranty scam can die... my speaker is at the shop with $154 repair bill is un-acceptable at the moment. currently being looked into by the bank that makes the monthly payments...



google " Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act 1975 #2303 " interpretations written from the government publishing office / folks its important info

I prefer a legit 1 year warranty from guitar showcase or zz sounds vs a fake " extended warranty " from ams.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $900.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Mis-treatments, Blaming the customer & mistreatments from tech support, Non response e-mails from customer service for assistance.

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ZERO RESOLVED COMPLAINTS DOMINQUE ? SO FAR ON PISSED CONSUMER AMS HAS NOT RESOLVED ANY COMPLAINT =================================================================== the 5 stars go to the Fed Ex or UPS for Fast Next Day Shipping, great prices and nice website all the Negs and 1 Stars go to AMS for Customer Service thereafter which is Lacking or Non Responsive based on that folks, its best to call the bank with a dispute if you paid in full only...

otherwise the problem with that is you end up with bad credit and they warn that it will be reported if your on the payment plan. if you stop the payments you will get reported and they tell you this over and over and over again keep making those payments after i tell them to stop taking them so i keep making my payments because my credit is perfect no lates and dont want credit issues in addition to a blown speeker tweeter that went poof on its own... I HAD TO RE PURCHASE NEW SPEAKERS DOMINIQUE. THESE ARE 15" MAINS FOR DJ SERVICE went with ELECTRO VOICE SPEAKERS ZLX 1300 watts each, & No Wireless Input or Volume Gains!

DELIVERED NEXT DAY FROM ZZ SOUNDS / i had to replace this denied warranty with a new purchase from your competitor and got a great price, next day shipping and 12 months no credit check ======DID ALL THIS AFTER NO SOLUTIONS WERE MADE BY EITHER SIDE===== (sent many e-mails in) after it was discovered by the Authorized Service Center in San Francisco ZK Sounds that NO COMMUNICATIONS EVER BETWEEN THEM*** no discussions is what denied the warranty not the fake story of fake on the coil and i blow it up... THEY DONT DISCUSS IT EVER BETWEEN ANYONE!! thats how they do it and not provide a warranty when it should be authorized on a legit repair. ALL REPAIRS ARE DENIED AS AUTOMATICALLY NEVER REPAIRS ARE PERFORMED all is blamed on " soot on the coil " bam your denied automatically, does not matter what you say happened to cause this.

i was told my story did not matter... what i say did not make any difference. THEY FOUND SOOT ON THE COIL IS ALL THEY NEEDED TO KNOW OR HEAR BAM YOUR DENIED AUTOMATICALLY / " aka Warranty Scam & Fraud " when i called mackie, what henry told me... the office, tech support, and claims, several individuals at the mackie office said " DO WHAT YOU GOT TO DO AND HUNG UP " yeap now my phone is blocked and cant get thru to call any more the office to discuss the denied warranty so i go back to ams and given the bird and told to pay the repair shop bill ============================================================= *** there is much more to this story especially the e-mails from MO Tech Support at AMS *** there will be Odd Cat Giffs he was sending me as a result of serious questions and concerns TECH SUPPORT SENDS BACK CAT S#!% IMAGES to my e-mail and i will provide the proof here.

MO e-mails will be Copied and Pasted here as proof CONSUMER PURCHASE LAWS BROKEN @ AMS " no way to treat a customer with legit questions with what he sends back as response... NO WAY


Dear American Musical: i did send you the Order # W89411** date 4/27/18 Total $921.93 for your Evaluations suggest you read Tech e-mails from MO / Poor Customer Service Relations towards an Expensive Purchase Gone Bad with the Repair Side of things when Requested. I was very satisfied prior with the low price and super fast 1-2 day delivery with excellent website for easy purchase and 12 month payment plan.

its too bad your Supplier Mackie /Loud Audio Mfg did not honor the Included Warranty That was Sold as Part of the Deal Still being Charged by Sarah on CC Card when Told To STOP PAYMENTS i no longer own or have or use the defective speaker at the shop with a $154.00 bill to repair due to breach of warranty. LOUD AUDIO the mfg recently sold to a hedge fund Transom Investors Group they dont care about customer service or providing warranty during an ownership change during this sales process. DENY ALL WARRANTY CLAIMS IS A BUSINESS DECISION nothing to do with my blown tweeter reason the office blame me on it for turning the volume up, and provide no proof of soot on the coil as they claim service center found. Henry JK Sounds Says Mackie Never Contacted Him About the Repair or Give Authorizations after 30 days.

Its Now Considered Abandoned ! "STOP MY CC CARD PAYMENTS DOMINIQUE" if you want to " resolve this matter " this is the right thing to do / REFUND THE PURCHASE so far "0" zero resolved complaints, does not look very promising and gives reasons to have a bank investigations look into this further...

American Musical Supply Verified Representative

Hello AbruptMojaveRattlesnake, I'm terribly sorry you are having issues with your speakers to start with. This sounds to me like you are having issues with Mackie and their warranty.

Ours would kick in after their's is done. I would also like to clarify that we do not "sell" the extended warranty. It is included on the majority of the items we care, free of charge. Please private message us your order number or account information.

We take your concern very seriously and would like to take this as an opportunity to look into your specific situation further and hopefully improve our customer experience. -Thanks, Dominique (Customer Service)

to AmericanMusical #1557817

Hello Dominique: 9/11/18 "Thanks for Your Reply Regarding this Matter. it remains open and un resolved for several months" I AM CURRENTLY PAYING ON EXPENSIVE SPEAKERS I NO LONGER HAVE / stuck in repair shop with $154.00 Bill due to Breach of Warranty on Legit Repair.

they dont discuss it between the Loud Audio Mackie Office & the Repair Shop or the Customer to Allow for Repair Service LOUD AUDIO RECENTLY GOT PURCHASED by Hedge Fund Investor Group "TRANSOM" / these guys owns the speaker company that ripped me off. purchased recently months ago. "they dont care about customer service or warranty repairs" i purchased at a time when there is a change of ownership so YES Dominique they are responsible for this HOWEVER I PAID AMERICAN MUSICAL FOR THE PURCHASE DUE TO AN EXTENDED WARRANTY ON THE CATALOG SO YOU GUYS ARE INVOLVED AND STILL TAKE MY MONEY WHEN TOLD TO STOP!!!! no more payments !!!!

why? HAVE SARAH STOP THE CC CARD PAYMENTS ================================================================== i dont own or have the item is reason for a Bank Investigations that is now open YES your absolutely right! it has to do with Mackie/ Loud Audio not honoring the repair warranty it was covered and the tech guys told me to call after they told me i was covered. MACKIE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT WHAT HAPPEN HOW IT BLOW UP they say found soot on the coil, and that means i did it...without any proof or photographs or any thing I EXPLAINED IN TECH REPORT E-MAILS HOW THE WIRELESS FEATURE MAXXED OUT THE INPUT GAIN went all green on its own and reported this event.

I had to reboot the speaker after it mal functioned THIS SPEAKER HAS ELECTRONICS INSIDE that went bad on the circuit board and turned it up on its own a new feature to connect to smart phone to control same thing they say i did to blow it up YEA RIGHT ! CHEAP CHINA PARTS INSIDE WHAT WRONG/ and covered under warranty.

I WAS DENIED BAM !!****GO AWAY PAY THE REPAIR SHOP $154.00 is excessive for a $28 Part and 20 minute repair job its $110 if i dont do the repair and send it back broken/ both is not acceptable MO CALLED MACKIE AND THEY SAY I NEVER CONTACTED THEM ABOUT IT? ================================================================ I SPENT MONTHS WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM AMERICAN MUSICAL AFTER THE WARRANTY WAS DENIED asked for a refund and want my money back American Musical Purchase Order # W8941179 4/27/18 Total $921.93 ==================================================================

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