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I placed an order with and learned that the product i ordered would not be compatible with my countries voltage rating so i cancelled it shortly after that Sunday night. On the following monday i recieve a message that the order has been shipped with an appology stating that it was too late to cancel the order.

As i live overseas it requires me to pay from my own pocket to ship it back for a refund. I now have a product that requires a transformer which defeats the whole point of why i purchased the product, great.

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The customer service at AMS is atrocious, they use this company in Minnesota that handles dozens of other, unrelated companies therefore knowing nothing about the specific product. You'll be hard-pressed to return it and if you return enough of their items you will become a "return offender" as they laughingly like to put it, and subsequently banned from doing business there .


. and don't go to Zzounds thinking you will purchase your item, they are just one more name that AMS goes under.