Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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I purchased a piano on the monthly plan and actually paid more than they asked every month. I used three different credit cards , one day I called in to make a payment they said they already processed Im shocked and said I dont notice a charge on the original card I gave them.

They claimed they used the lasr card I called in to use. Im furious because there is no money in that account and I didnt authorize it. End of the day the bank charged it back and erased fees. I contact AMS about it to give them another card they dont see any charge backs they say.

Anyway about 6 months pass , I place a new order which is cancelled because eventually they got charge back. Said they wont place order because I didnt try to call them to fix issue before charge bac. WTF yes I did and made good on the payment even asked them to reverse charge because i only gave authorization to charge card wheñ I called that day.

They were suppose to use the card I first gave they were charging for past 5 months. They were rude on the phone with me and made it seem like I commited a crime!!!


Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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