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I "was" a happy customer. Discover Card flagged a payment as fraudulent.

This was the second time they thought AMS payments was a security issue. No big deal, call Discover and authorize the payment and call AMS to have then resubmit. Before I could call Discover I get a call from AMS and a lady named Jennifer. She had a condescending tone from the beginning of the call.

She said my card was declined, to which I responded I was going to call Discover to authorize. She said we had to use another account to avoid a "black mark" and a broken promise. I told her I was going to get another account number from my wife. She said " well, are you authorized to use the account or am I going to have to talk to your wife too." She spoke to me as I was a three year old and a deadbeat.

I paid my account in full and will be going with someone else for my QSC KLA PA system for my bar. (15-20k in purchases). Never again will I give them my business.

In this economy you don't treat people this way. I vote with my wallet.

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I will never buy anything from them again. They sent me a used guitar with scratches on pick guard like it was played a lot.

I returned a different guitar and they said it was all scratched , it was not still had plastic on it I am very careful with my guitars. Now I lose my first payment, they ripped me off, never again!!!