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I ordered, what I understood to be a new, unblemished, Fender Ritchie Blackmore Stratocaster Olympic White for 1,049.99 + $21.00 so I could pay in 12 installments. I have dealt with AMS for over a decade and had few issues and usually none other than they do their best NOT to honor price matches.

So above guitar arrived. It was unplayable. I've been playing for 40 years...I'm not some kid. Fender makes a solid Strat out of Mexico so the fact this was as well being a signature model gave me no concerns. Brings up the adage about "knowing when you assume". I assumed better from Fender and better from AMS. Finish had flaws, no set-up was done, frets were not finished to the point the sharp edges cut my hand, their was a blem on the side of the fretboard that was filled in and no attempt to even match the color of it. I've played guitars for $200-$300 that were far better and would expect this quality out of a $60-$75 guitar.

I was going to call them Monday, March 17th to return it or ask for 1/2 off so I could professionally have the repairs done and have and keep the guitar I purchased. Having seen my comments on Ripoff Reports THEY CALLED ME on the morning of the 19th, wanted the serial # so after already repacking the guitar had to unpack, they said they would get back to me that day or the next and I have heard NOTHING and here it is 3 days later! Aside from the blatant disrespect selling a damaged and/or factory second guitar without disclosure I see 4 days later same guitar at AMS for $150 more, supporting my belief they knew it was a second. I guess they unloaded all the bad guitars on unsuspecting chumps like myself then upped the price.

When I went to their site to leave a user review and voice my dissatisfaction it was BLOCKED! Why have the option to leave honest user comments/reviews if they censor the negative ones and only allow the positive? THAT really adds insult to injury here! When I asked them they denied it...of course!

Though I've used AMS, as I mentioned, time and again for over a decade I will NEVER do so again and urge others to use one of the many online music dealers. Too many companies are looking for short cuts to increase their profits and customer loyalty be damned! AMS sadly is another of those companies.

Monetary Loss: $1075.

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