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I purchased two Taylor Guitars in the summer and fall of 2011 from American Musical (http://www.americanmusical.com/). The first guitar was a Taylor SB1 ($1400) and the second a Taylor T3B ($2500). I have been playing for about a year and half. When I received them, they looked to be in good order, but I noticed a buzz in the sixth string. So after the holidays, I took the Taylor T3B to a local repair shop where it was determined there was a major problem with the frets and the neck being dried out. After further investigation, the Taylor T3B was made in 2009. It appears the guitar had been damaged from improper storage lacking humidity for several years. American Musical has done the following damage to me:

Sold a three year old guitar as being new

Delivered a guitar with heat damage from there own storage center, which they admit as having problems.

Charged full price despite age and condition for guitar.

Denied me peace of mind about my guitar

When I contacted them about this problem, I was emailed the following

On Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 11:04 AM, wrote:


I received a message from my Tech Support representative, John regarding returning the Taylor T3B50 for an exchange. Unfortunately, this item along with all stringed instruments of $2000 or more, have a 10-day return policy period. Any requests for exchange need to be made within that timeframe. In this case, the guitar has been in your possession since October 18 of 2011. I will acknowledge that we have experienced some issues with the humidity level of our warehouse facility and these issues are being addressed but an exchange at this point will still end in you getting and instrument with issues concurrent with dry conditions. I have spoken with our Taylor purchaser on your behalf and here is his response.


It appears Taylor has offered to do warranty work on the guitar. Knowing what I know about Taylor's repair work, this is the route I would go if it were my guitar. I don't think I've come across a better company regarding repair work. I have seen them warranty things that I would have never dreamed they would. Taylor will properly humidify the guitar for starters, and make sure it is returned to Gregory in the properly humidified state. It will end up being better than if he were to get another guitar that sat too long in our warehouse. I can't argue his point there; he is right about the warehouse. I would encourage him to pursue the Taylor warranty; he'll end up with a better guitar-guaranteed."

I suggest contacting Taylor immediately to make arrangements for warranty service. I know they will be happy to help you by providing a full inspection and service accordingly.

I have asked for American Musical to remedy the situation in one of the following ways:

Exchange my Taylor T3B for a new 2011 Taylor T3B, same model and design.

Return guitar and Refund my money in full

Discount guitar in consideration of damage and unit being three years old

I am working with Taylor Guitars directly to have the guitar repaired. $2,500 guitars are lifetime quality guitars and thankfully Taylor is sticking by their product and repairing it.

American Musical has fraudulently sold me a 3 year old damaged guitar as new for full retail price. Rather than taking responsibility for the damaged guitar and making it right, American Musical, has decided to deny my requests for equitable and reasonable terms. Furthermore, upon inspection of the Taylor SB1, it looks to have been subjected to similar conditions and in need of similar repair. I paid $1400 for that guitar.

I share this with you as a customer, that is a victim of fraud, on behalf of American Musical. If you choose to do business with them, BEWARE!

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Wow, AMS is so scandalous and thieving that they see no problem with sending you an item THEY ADMIT THEY DAMAGED because of their sub-par warehouse conditions, and then keeping your money and telling you to take it up with Taylor. Truly disgusting and down right fraudulent, no doubt about it.

I'm willing to bet that if you send this information, including their admittance of doing this to Taylor, they will revoke their distribution privileges on new instruments.

I just did a search of their company before placing a $500 order with them, which I already had in my cart and entered my credit card number into. Thank God I found this review and hadn't clicked order yet.


Wow, I was just about to purchase a guitar from them.

Glad I came across this, thank you.

I'll go elsewhere



As I am sure you are aware, this Taylor guitar was ordered in October of 2011 and you have had it in your possession since 10/18/2011. We do not state what month or year it was manufactured but this item was absolutely factory sealed and not previously used so we did send you a new guitar.

Quite honestly, we are definitely aware of the issues with our warehouse humidity level but the plain fact is that we were not made aware of any issues you have had with this guitar until 2/9/2012, 70 days outside out normal 45 day return period. This particular guitar has a 10 day return period but even within 45 days, an exception would have been made. I see no sense in sending a replacement guitar that will likely have the same issues as this model since (at its pricepoint) it is not a fast moving product. We received this guitar in January of 2010 so yes, it did spend some time in our warehouse but our return policy, which I consider to be quite generous, and needs to be taken into consideration and issues with products need to be handled immediately and within the 45 day period.

Taylor has an incredible service department. Please feel free to call with any questions you may have but I feel that letting Taylor handle the service needed for this fine guitar is the best possible route for you in order to have this very high-end instrument up to both Taylors standards as well as your own.


@Ryan (AMS Tech Department Mana

The reason i am here reading these reviews is that I was considering making a guitar purchase from AMS. I say was because of this review and reply.

I fully understand that even if a guitar is 3 years old, it is at the original retailer and unused, so selling it as new is not an issue. I have no problem with that, but as an online retailer I feel that you have the responsibility to store your advertised products responsibly and properly to make sure that it remains in new condition. You have acknowledged the improper storage of the item, and that any replacement would likely have the same issue. That is enough for me to know not to shop with you.

Your own admission that your company stored the item in unsuitable conditions should be enough from a customer service standpoint to waive the 45 day return policy. You have admitted fault. A player without repair knowledge may think, as this one did, that a fret buzz would be a minor set-up issue and not be in a hurry to get a set-up wanting to get a feel for the guitar first. It wasnt a set-up issue.

It was an issue with seller negligence which was admitted to right here. That is poor customer service and an unacceptable response.

You could justify your actions from a legal standpoint, but from a good faith standpoint you should have made this right.

@Ryan (AMS Tech Department Mana

Sounds to me like these guys are not the right online music instrument retailer to do business with. I would suggest that you purchase from musicians friend.

They will match anyone's advertised prices and while not perfect they will not out right *** like American Musical Supply did.

Hey, there out of New Jersey... enough said.